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Obergurgl is a winter sports resort for the whole family. More and more winter sports fans are choosing to bring the family to Obergurgl, where they can enjoy the amazing mountain scenery of the Tyrolean Alps. Thanks to the resort's superbly maintained pistes, modern lift systems and family-friendly hotels, you can be sure of a fantastic holiday when you bring the family to Obergurgl. The resort is home to a number of ski schools where both children and adults can learn to ski with the help of experienced instructors. Off the piste, too, there is a varied programme of activities for both older and younger visitors. How about a relaxing afternoon with the family crunching your way through the snow along one of the walking trails or shooting down the toboggan run?

The popular winter sports resort of Obergurgl has everything that skiers and snowboarders could wish for in a family holiday. Nearly all the blue slopes are very wide and not too steep, making them suitable for children as well. Parents can enjoy a more leisurely descent with the kids in a much quieter setting. The most popular slopes for those with children are at the Festkogel. Getting there is easy. Just take the Rosskarbahn cabin lift by Hotel Edelweiß & Gurgl in the centre of the resort. For children especially, that's a great way to arrive, as it means they don't have to carry their heavy ski equipment. If you traveling you should visiting: hotel obergurgl

What's more, once you get to the top at Wurmgurgl, the descent is very gentle, making it a very popular run for children. If you are on holiday in Obergurgl with the children, you will find lots of family-friendly ski huts and restaurants where you can relax in great style after a tiring day on the slopes.

Obergurgl is ideally suited for those who want to take their children skiing for the first time. From the age of three onwards, children can take lessons at one of the three excellent ski schools and ski nurseries in the resort, where they will be properly cared for and taught how to ski in a fun way. Experienced ski instructors are trained how to deal with young children patiently and will teach them the most important techniques and tricks. Many ski schools have taster days for children. That way, parents can send their children to the ski school for a day to find out if they really enjoy skiing. Naturally, parents can stay for the lesson and watch their children take their first steps on the slopes. If you prefer, you can leave your children in the safe hands of the school's instructors, while you head off to the more demanding slopes. Trained instructors are on hand to look after your children and organise activities such as craftwork as well as skiing lessons-  hotel obergurgl

Bring the family to Obergurgl for your winter holiday. Thanks to the wide range of children's pistes, both younger and older visitors can enjoy themselves on the slopes. The gentle descents are ideal for parents who want to ski with their children. Although they are less steep than most slopes at the resort, the terrain is varied and you can enjoy magnificent views of the Alps. Skiing together is a great way to spend an exciting and unforgettable family holiday for both parents and children. Take your family winter break in Obergurgl - great slopes for the kids and guaranteed snow!


Every morning you can start your dream day with the wonderful feeling of having arrived in perfect ski hotel right on the slopes of Obergurgl- Hochgurgl. Also very convenient to walk a few minutes to the cable car that will take you to an impressive 3,080 meters above sea level , and thus in the middle of the top - quality skiing paradise. 24 lifts , including 7 cabin lifts , 6 Bubble trains and 11 other transportation systems and the gentle ski tourism provide wait -free skiing on generous slopes for all skill levels. And as the grand finale of your day of skiing you can enjoy the last ski down right to your Gurglhof - the ski hotel in Obergurgl. If you traveling you should visiting: hotel obergurgl

The best thing about your skiing holiday in Obergurgl :

Absolute guarantee of snow from November to May
Over 110 km of well -groomed kilometers of slopes
Top ski area 1800-3080 m
Ultra-modern lifts ( capacity 33,000 persons / hour)
No waiting at the lifts
Skiing up directly to your hotel Gurglhof

Gentle Quality Tourism in dream location
Together with the professionals of the ski schools you venture an unforgettable deep snow descent , take a ski trip and enjoy a stop at the restaurants and bars of Panorama ski area Obergurgl- Hochgurgl. A very special jewel is the Top Mountain Star , which releases 3,080 m above the sea a magnificent panoramic view of the Ötztal mountains with over 170 three-thousanders . The Hohe Mut , with its traditional Hohe Mut Alm is worth a visit , as it is seen as one of the most beautiful mountains in Tyrol. Precious and valuable in the world magical winter seems to be around your ski hotel in Obergurgl. Enjoy this experience to the fullest, go to:


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Before taking an overseas trip, travelers must remember to check their immunizations. Traveling to a destination on a different continent will expose the traveler to germs and potential infections that his or her body is not used to. The wise traveler will check with a health care professional to determine what new immunizations and boosters he or she needs.

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Get to know the names of the hotel employees. These are the people that will be taking care of you during your stay, and if you make an effort to get to know them, they will go out of their way to make your stay better. Tipping these people never hurts!

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